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  1. Photo of Lasse Hallström

    Lasse Hallström Director, Screenplay, Editing Cinematography

  2. Photo of Bengt Forslund

    Bengt Forslund Producer

  3. Photo of Olle Hellbom

    Olle Hellbom Producer

  4. Photo of Olle Nordemar

    Olle Nordemar Producer

  5. Photo of Berndt Egerbladh

    Berndt Egerbladh Music

  6. Photo of Stig Limér

    Stig Limér Production Design

  7. Photo of Lasse Ulander

    Lasse Ulander Sound

  8. Photo of Brasse Brännström

    Brasse Brännström Cast and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Mariann Rudberg

    Mariann Rudberg Cast

  10. Photo of Christer Jonsson

    Christer Jonsson Cast

  11. Photo of Börje Ahlstedt

    Börje Ahlstedt Cast

  12. Photo of Roland Hedlund

    Roland Hedlund Cast

  13. Photo of Chatarina Larsson

    Chatarina Larsson Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Godenius

    Anna Godenius Cast

  15. Photo of Gun Jönsson

    Gun Jönsson Cast

  16. Photo of Claire Wikholm

    Claire Wikholm Cast

  17. Photo of Janne Forsell

    Janne Forsell Cast

  18. Photo of Magnus Härenstam

    Magnus Härenstam Cast

  19. Photo of Else-Marie Brandt

    Else-Marie Brandt Cast

  20. Photo of Lena T. Hansson

    Lena T. Hansson Cast

  21. Photo of Eddie Axberg

    Eddie Axberg Cast and Sound

  22. Photo of Tomas Bolme

    Tomas Bolme Cast

  23. Photo of Marvin Yxner

    Marvin Yxner Cast

  24. Photo of Gunnar Schyman

    Gunnar Schyman Cast

  25. Photo of Arne Andersson

    Arne Andersson Cast

  26. Photo of Gösta Engström

    Gösta Engström Cast

  27. Photo of Pia Garde

    Pia Garde Cast