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  1. Photo of Harold French

    Harold French Director

  2. Photo of Pat Jackson

    Pat Jackson Director

  3. Photo of Anthony Pelissier

    Anthony Pelissier Director

  4. Photo of W. Somerset Maugham

    W. Somerset Maugham Screenplay

  5. Photo of Eric Ambler

    Eric Ambler Screenplay

  6. Photo of T.E.B. Clarke

    T.E.B. Clarke Screenplay

  7. Photo of Arthur Macrae

    Arthur Macrae Screenplay

  8. Photo of Nigel Patrick

    Nigel Patrick Cast

  9. Photo of Roland Culver

    Roland Culver Cast

  10. Photo of Alison Leggatt

    Alison Leggatt Cast

  11. Photo of Kay Walsh

    Kay Walsh Cast

  12. Photo of Noel Purcell

    Noel Purcell Cast

  13. Photo of Ronald Squire

    Ronald Squire Cast

  14. Photo of Glynis Johns

    Glynis Johns Cast

  15. Photo of Terence Morgan

    Terence Morgan Cast

  16. Photo of David Hutcheson

    David Hutcheson Cast

  17. Photo of Desmond Dickinson

    Desmond Dickinson Cinematography

  18. Photo of Richard Addinsell

    Richard Addinsell Music

  19. Photo of Antony Darnborough

    Antony Darnborough Producer

  20. Photo of Alfred Roome

    Alfred Roome Editing

  21. Photo of John Dennis

    John Dennis Sound

  22. Photo of Julie Harris

    Julie Harris Costume Design