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  1. matelot's rating of the film End

  2. -REM-'s rating of the film End

  3. jajabornixa's rating of the film End

    Reminded me of the train journeys, with my mother, to boarding school. The emotional jolt of being separated from my mother, in the near future, rendering the present into a chaos.

  4. lndah's rating of the film End

    Tranquility and innocence :)

  5. Andrei Herea's rating of the film End

    It is a widely befitting finish to a grand career - fairly simple yet conceptually poetic. An audio-visually evocative and beautiful film. It is one of those shorts that deserves your attention, you may or may not like it in the end (as it is a fairly subjective process) but it truly deserves a couple of minutes of your time.

  6. Xose Manoel Ramos's rating of the film End

  7. Weaving Wave's rating of the film End

    It was a bit overdone for me with the music, but so many precious moments captured.

  8. asleep's rating of the film End

    The soundtrack kept reminding me of Tarkovsky's Zerkalo, but anyway. Apart from that, all is wonderful. I especially liked the scene when the girl is falling asleep (current picture here) :) Train journey as a metaphore of life is common, however it is very, very beautifully shown in this film.