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  1. Photo of Wilfried Meichtry

    Wilfried Meichtry Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daniela Baumgärtl

    Daniela Baumgärtl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Katja Früh

    Katja Früh Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fabian Krüger

    Fabian Krüger Cast

  5. Photo of Mona Petri

    Mona Petri Cast

  6. Photo of Lisa Maria Bärenbold

    Lisa Maria Bärenbold Cast

  7. Photo of Thomas Mathys

    Thomas Mathys Cast

  8. Photo of Annelore Sarbach

    Annelore Sarbach Cast

  9. Photo of Steven Buehler

    Steven Buehler Cast

  10. Photo of Jean-Pierre Cornu

    Jean-Pierre Cornu Cast

  11. Photo of Andreas Matti

    Andreas Matti Cast

  12. Photo of Klaus-Henner Russius

    Klaus-Henner Russius Cast

  13. Photo of Carlotta Steinemann

    Carlotta Steinemann Cinematography

  14. Photo of Reinhard Köcher

    Reinhard Köcher Cinematography

  15. Photo of Michel Seigner

    Michel Seigner Music

  16. Photo of Urs Beuter

    Urs Beuter Production Design

  17. Photo of Werner Schweizer

    Werner Schweizer Producer and Director

  18. Photo of Sereina Gabathuler

    Sereina Gabathuler Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Kathrin Plüss

    Kathrin Plüss Editing

  20. Photo of Dieter Meyer

    Dieter Meyer Sound

  21. Photo of Monika Görner-Vogt

    Monika Görner-Vogt Costume Design