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  1. Maya Patricia Garzae's rating of the film Enemies of Happiness

  2. chandigarhescorts's rating of the film Enemies of Happiness

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  3. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Enemies of Happiness

    I really wanted to like this film, but Mulvad does a disservice to the full complexities of this courageous woman's work. We get little sense of her background, her aspirations, her own religious views (is she still Islamic herself, since many women despise the version of Islam imposed by government while still considering themselves Muslims?) - in short, a satisfactory portrait of the protagonist feels missing.

  4. Sunrise's rating of the film Enemies of Happiness

    Mulvad's unflinching camera follows the inspiring Joya as she listens and attempts to resolve the problems of Afghan women, revealing the logistics and emotions behind the battle for women's rights during Afghanistan's restoration. Joya is solidly headstrong, although what becomes clear are the complications she faces when men easily hide behind faith, tradition and assumptions of "respect." An amazing document!