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  1. Photo of Gauri Shinde

    Gauri Shinde Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sridevi

    Sridevi Cast

  3. Photo of Adil Hussain

    Adil Hussain Cast

  4. Photo of Mehdi Nebbou

    Mehdi Nebbou Cast

  5. Photo of Priya Anand

    Priya Anand Cast

  6. Photo of Sulabha Deshpande

    Sulabha Deshpande Cast

  7. Photo of Sujatha Kumar

    Sujatha Kumar Cast

  8. Photo of Navika Kotia

    Navika Kotia Cast

  9. Photo of Shivansh Kotia

    Shivansh Kotia Cast

  10. Photo of Cory Hibbs

    Cory Hibbs Cast

  11. Photo of Rajeev Ravindranathan

    Rajeev Ravindranathan Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Romano

    Maria Romano Cast

  13. Photo of Sumeet Vyas

    Sumeet Vyas Cast

  14. Photo of Ruth Aguilar

    Ruth Aguilar Cast

  15. Photo of Ross Nathan

    Ross Nathan Cast

  16. Photo of Damian Thompson

    Damian Thompson Cast

  17. Photo of Neelu Sodhi

    Neelu Sodhi Cast

  18. Photo of Greer Morisson

    Greer Morisson Cast

  19. Photo of Santana Dempsey

    Santana Dempsey Cast

  20. Photo of Maria Pendolino

    Maria Pendolino Cast

  21. Photo of Nate Steinwachs

    Nate Steinwachs Cast

  22. Photo of Sean LeeRoy Kraemer

    Sean LeeRoy Kraemer Cast

  23. Photo of Rob Murat

    Rob Murat Cast

  24. Photo of Jared Thompson

    Jared Thompson Cast

  25. Photo of Charly Wenzel

    Charly Wenzel Cast

  26. Photo of Anita Anand

    Anita Anand Executive Producer

  27. Photo of R. Balki

    R. Balki Producer

  28. Photo of Amit Trivedi

    Amit Trivedi Music

  29. Photo of Laxman Utekar

    Laxman Utekar Cinematography

  30. Photo of Hemanti Sarkar

    Hemanti Sarkar Editing

  31. Photo of Mustafa Stationwala

    Mustafa Stationwala Production Design