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  1. Photo of Nelson Rodrigues

    Nelson Rodrigues Screenplay and Producer

  2. Photo of Irma Álvarez

    Irma Álvarez Cast

  3. Photo of Fernando Torres

    Fernando Torres Cast

  4. Photo of Vera Vianna

    Vera Vianna Cast

  5. Photo of Nestor de Montemar

    Nestor de Montemar Cast

  6. Photo of Carlos Eduardo Dolabella

    Carlos Eduardo Dolabella Cast

  7. Photo of Cláudio Cavalcanti

    Cláudio Cavalcanti Cast

  8. Photo of Yolanda Cardoso

    Yolanda Cardoso Cast

  9. Photo of Rubens de Falco

    Rubens de Falco Cast

  10. Photo of Ginaldo de Souza

    Ginaldo de Souza Cast

  11. Photo of Victor di Mello

    Victor di Mello Cast

  12. Photo of Emiliano Queiroz

    Emiliano Queiroz Cast

  13. Photo of Telma Reston

    Telma Reston Cast

  14. Photo of José Rosa

    José Rosa Cinematography

  15. Photo of J.B. Tanko

    J.B. Tanko Producer, Screenplay Director

  16. Photo of Rafael Justo Valverde

    Rafael Justo Valverde Editing