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  1. Photo of Robert Clouse

    Robert Clouse Director

  2. Photo of Michael Allin

    Michael Allin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of John Saxon

    John Saxon Cast

  5. Photo of Kien Shih

    Kien Shih Cast

  6. Photo of Jim Kelly

    Jim Kelly Cast

  7. Photo of Ahna Capri

    Ahna Capri Cast

  8. Photo of Angela Mao

    Angela Mao Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Wall

    Robert Wall Cast

  10. Photo of Bolo Yeung

    Bolo Yeung Cast

  11. Photo of Betty Chung

    Betty Chung Cast

  12. Photo of Geoffrey Weeks

    Geoffrey Weeks Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Archer

    Peter Archer Cast

  14. Photo of Marlene Clark

    Marlene Clark Cast

  15. Photo of Gilbert Hubbs

    Gilbert Hubbs Cinematography

  16. Photo of Lalo Schifrin

    Lalo Schifrin Music

  17. Photo of Paul Heller

    Paul Heller Producer

  18. Photo of Fred Weintraub

    Fred Weintraub Producer

  19. Photo of Raymond Chow

    Raymond Chow Producer

  20. Photo of Yao Chung Chang

    Yao Chung Chang Editing

  21. Photo of Kurt Hirschler

    Kurt Hirschler Editing

  22. Photo of George Watters

    George Watters Editing

  23. Photo of Robert Lin

    Robert Lin Sound

  24. Photo of Louis Sheng

    Louis Sheng Costume Design