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  1. Christopher Rivera's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Enter The Void is a first person movie about a young man that dies and we follow what happens after his death. The first person aspect is hard to get use to at first but you get use to it because the director made the head moving and transitions easy. Sometimes the movie is hard to understand, but by the end you get the jest. This movie is heavying influenced by drugs psychedelic mainly DMT, which they replicated we

  2. John's rating of the film Enter the Void

  3. Zedd's rating of the film Enter the Void

    The film is so obviously a technical masterpiece when it comes to showing what a drug induced experience is like. However, it could be cut down and the movie would more so hold your attention for a gripping experience. "Love" by Gaspar Noe I think is a more defined film than this one. Would watch again

  4. laura's rating of the film Enter the Void

    some interesting visuals and scant emotionality undercut by a whole lotta weird freudian penis envy

  5. zubee's rating of the film Enter the Void

  6. D's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Hypnotic, melodramatic, dumb, too long, but it still mostly works. Three stars but that kind of three stars where I recommend it because it's fascinating and rough.

  7. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Enter the Void

    5-star movie at times, but with a bloated running time due to unnecessary director indulgence... it shoots itself in the heart. Watch the first 40 minutes or so and then watch the last 5 minutes and you'll get all you need to. The rest is the same thing over and over again. But the good stuff is REALLY good.

  8. Tid's rating of the film Enter the Void

    An incredible cinematic experience that moved me and traumatized me in multiple ways. Though, since I saw it, I have never shaken the feeling that the female characters were there purely for sexual purposes. The film deals deeply with Freudian imagery in a way that only accentuates this post hoc discomfort.

  9. Cody's rating of the film Enter the Void

    When I first saw this film my experience with movies was almost solely that of narrative-driven hollywood blockbusters. Simultaneously alluring and terrifying, confusing and clear, Enter the Void forever changed the way I view and appreciate movies and it will always be one of my favorites.

  10. l's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Would have been a great short film sans the ending, which just felt juvenile compared to the rest of the film's tone in regards to sex, death, and rebirth.

  11. GianMarco Alegre's rating of the film Enter the Void

    This movie made it easy to imagine how your family would feel seeing this happen. The perspective this movie is shot in reminds me of the common description of the your life flashing before your eyes. It strangely is both in first and third person and isnt always linear, as you would assume something undocumented previously, like the afterlife, would be.

  12. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Enter the Void

    There is inherent sadism in Noe productions. Whether it's the long rape scene in 'Irreversible' along with music to nauseate, or this movie with the flashing lights, he wants to test your endurance. I am not his demographic.

  13. Alondra Garcia's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Although the scenery was colorful and the animation was fascinating. I would not recommend watching the film. It was uncomfortable to watch some of the scenes because they were a bit too graphic. Also, the acting was not that good. It made seem like the entire film was improvised. I was not captivated by the performance given by the actors.

  14. Madi Caswell's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Definitely different from anything i have seen before. The film portrayed psychedelic visions in an interesting way and the concept was remarkable, but it felt like it was missing something. The cinematography was some of the best id ever seen but, 2.5 hours is way too long to sit through. Watching this sober makes you feel like you can understand the trip in a way, first person perspective was very intriguing.

  15. Jerrell Hobor's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Enter the Void was a very peculiar movie , dealing with only of first person camera angles. This film also taps into the thought of reincarnation or to be reborn again in a interesting. The film can be awkward at times and make you feel a little confused . With all the first person going on throughout the movie it can become hard to keep track of. Overall this movie portrayed first person in a interesting way

  16. Aaron Watts's rating of the film Enter the Void

    It’s an ambitious piece. But too long.

  17. thiago's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Take a bow! That's Gaspar Noé!

  18. Jason Drakeford's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Saw this on opening night in NY and ten years later on Mubi. Afterwards, you'll feel like you were hit by a car. Avant-garde to the max. Incredible. Mind-bending visual trip.

  19. Savannah Shoff's rating of the film Enter the Void

    This film is very intriguing. Viewers experience the POV of a man, named Oscar. Oscar is a drug user, but he is also a dealer, dealing with and using DMT. Oscars' trips are compared to what happens to your soul when you die. These trips are created with eccentric sounds, colors, and shapes mixed together to create something eccentric that you cannot experience being sober. The film showed different elements of life.

  20. Khary Khalfani's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Enter the Void is an entrée of eroticism, supernaturalism, ethereality, and brutality best enjoyed while under the influence. This first-person film transports the viewer into a grungy Tokyo metropolis through literal injection into the characters. I was initially skeptical of a first person film, but finished completely convinced that a first person view is a powerful tool in cinema.

  21. inquisita's rating of the film Enter the Void

    For all the hype (or against its backdrop) the film's rather benign* if emotional. Wonder if the whole supernatural out-of-body hovering is just a literary attempt to justify omniscient narration via first-person point of view, affecting the former's pudeur for diving into sealed-off privacy by the latter's convenient passing walls. Could do in class as a hybrid pendant to Akutagawa's synthetic account in In a Grove.

  22. Cody's rating of the film Enter the Void

    Like nothing you've ever seen before. If you love cinema then you'll need to experience this film.

  23. Mert's rating of the film Enter the Void

    I've seen this a couple of times already but I just wanted to say I am happy to see this on MUBI US.

  24. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Enter the Void

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