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  1. Claire Wongsutin's rating of the film Equals

  2. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Equals

    Despite some nice images and a few good moments coming from Stewart, this movie really achieved nothing in the end. The storyline is not developed enough, was kept way too much simple. Definitely lacks complexity in every each level. I didn't sympathized at all with Hoult's acting and character I expected a little more from Drake Doremus. With pitty just 2 stars. 5/10

  3. Sofia's rating of the film Equals

    Curti, mas já paravam de se inspirar no 1984!

  4. ssia22's rating of the film Equals

    Simply amazing. After seeing Personal Shopper, I had a hunch Kristen Stewart can perform great emotion on screen, contrary to my ex-opinion which I got from Twilight. Equals proved me she was born to be an actress. Nicholas Hoult is charming as always. I felt their chemistry, I believed their world, I loved that there wasn't as much political detail of the dystopia. The poetry of love in forbidden Sci-Fi territory.

  5. bryanvmh's rating of the film Equals

    Minimalism in dialogue does not always result in the best lines (people form bonds because of "something called anxiety.") Why would a culture trying to eradicate feeling have such omnipresent mood lighting?

  6. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Equals

    cinematography, soundtrack and KRISTEN STEWART

  7. Bob's rating of the film Equals

    Clean and smooth set design adds a flavor of contemporary view on futurism, where everything is sterilized and digitized - which goes appropriately with the theme. Main issue is that the story is too thin for hour and half movie - and there are hardly any redeemable factors left since the entire subject is concentrated on complete lack of substance, details or emotion rather than couple of anxious turmoils.

  8. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Equals

    Beautiful aesthetics and thumbs up for casting Kristen Stewart as an emotionless character, but the movie is soooooo depressing... I felt more joy watching The Schindler's List than this futuristic Romeo & Juliet.

  9. ig_____or's rating of the film Equals

    An update on "THX 1138"... But with all the aesthetics (impeccable clothes, sleek hairdos, futuristic spaces and scenarios, framing, colour treatment, soundtrack, etc.) and hotness of the leading couple... I can say this wasn't a delight for my senses. Not the most incredible plot, but who cares?

  10. Diana Vaz's rating of the film Equals

  11. anarresti's rating of the film Equals

    This seems to reflect more our views on machines (and even AI) than what we now know human emotion might be. The premise collapses on its self. It's outdated, like something from the 1940's. Or something about the rise of AI. Neuroscience tells us, for example, that decisions are emotional, not logical. The impulse to act is emotional. Our "machinery" has emotion built in. When you remove it, we malfunction. (*)

  12. Ananta Vania Iswardhani's rating of the film Equals

    I'd like to congratulate the cinematographer & production designers for their incredible works. Visually, it's an A+ movie, esp thinking about its effort to shoot in different countries just to perfect its cold & futuristic atmosphere. However, the storyline, plot, & pacing are rather boring & very predictable. The direction didn't help too. But, Hoult & Stewart performances are great esp with so many close-up shots.

  13. Linda's rating of the film Equals

    very pleasing to the eye: 1. asthetics so on point 2. Kristen's hair.. can it be more perfect? don't think so 3. Kristen herself, I mean come on. I am in love. I kinda knew beforehand that the story would be quite thin, basic. I appreciated the atmosphere, the aesthetics and the actors, so yeah not bad though!

  14. memorysigh's rating of the film Equals

    "Nia: Just remember what this feels like."

  15. rodster's rating of the film Equals

    Pretty movie, interesting interfaces, but predictable in storyline and a bit empty.

  16. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Equals

    Although it had a very interesting premise and story, I felt frustrated with the decisions of the main characters. It was as if they made those choices to because it would make sense, but to drive the story forward. Perhaps trust is not something they encourage in this future world.

  17. nargs_au's rating of the film Equals

    amazing, loved every minute of it.

  18. Gabriella F's rating of the film Equals

    This concept is what sci-fi should be all about. Exploring worlds where society doesn't work quite like ours. Also, good choice on that Mogwai (and on Nicholas).

  19. João Abreu's rating of the film Equals

    Que treta. Hair-stylists: 5*. Kristen, igual a sempre, sempre perfeita. Tudo muito bonitinho e branquinho (e normativo), mesmo com o inevitável low-budget look. Personagens secundárias irrelevantes. Muito pouco debruçar sobre o universo que estabelece.

  20. kuncevic's rating of the film Equals

    only for Holt in the shower and Kristen with this haircut and the white dress

  21. no past land's rating of the film Equals

    "We're gonna remember this feeling. We're gonna live every day remembering it and we're not gonna feel it."

  22. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Equals

    2+. The plot had great potential, but it turn out pretty weak: the ending was so sappy.

  23. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film Equals

    Equilibrium + THX 1138 + 1984 + a whole bunch of other dystopian movies equals Equals.

  24. smndvdcl's rating of the film Equals

    Derivative of 'Gattaca' but superb performances from Hoult and Stewart.

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