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  1. Photo of Mario Caiano

    Mario Caiano Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arpad DeRiso

    Arpad DeRiso Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mariano Ozores

    Mariano Ozores Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nino Scolaro

    Nino Scolaro Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gordon Mitchell

    Gordon Mitchell Cast

  6. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  7. Photo of Eleonora Bianchi

    Eleonora Bianchi Cast

  8. Photo of Elisa Montés

    Elisa Montés Cast

  9. Photo of Eduardo Fajardo

    Eduardo Fajardo Cast

  10. Photo of Beni Deus

    Beni Deus Cast

  11. Photo of Lucio De Santis

    Lucio De Santis Cast

  12. Photo of Roberto Ceccacci

    Roberto Ceccacci Cast

  13. Photo of Aldo Pini

    Aldo Pini Cast

  14. Photo of Fortunato Arena

    Fortunato Arena Cast

  15. Photo of Fedele Gentile

    Fedele Gentile Cast

  16. Photo of Franco Morici

    Franco Morici Cast

  17. Photo of Aldo Bufi Landi

    Aldo Bufi Landi Cast

  18. Photo of Alfio Caltabiano

    Alfio Caltabiano Cast

  19. Photo of Erno Crisa

    Erno Crisa Cast

  20. Photo of Gianni Solaro

    Gianni Solaro Cast

  21. Photo of Carla Calò

    Carla Calò Cast

  22. Photo of Gustavo Salafranca

    Gustavo Salafranca Cast

  23. Photo of Enzo Barboni

    Enzo Barboni Cinematography

  24. Photo of Carlo Franci

    Carlo Franci Music

  25. Photo of Luciano Vincenti

    Luciano Vincenti Production Design

  26. Photo of Luigi Mondello

    Luigi Mondello Executive Producer

  27. Photo of José María Ramos

    José María Ramos Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Jolanda Benvenuti

    Jolanda Benvenuti Editing