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  1. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Eros

    Apparently I'm the only one who cared for The Dangerous Thread Of Things.

  2. tgmf's rating of the film Eros

    kar-wai: great; soderbergh: nice; antonioni: meh.

  3. La quinta luna's rating of the film Eros

  4. PinkEyeMorrison's rating of the film Eros

    four stars for The Hand. 2 for Equilibrium, and 1 for Antonioni's.

  5. Victoria L.'s rating of the film Eros

    The rating is justified by the fact that the directors have led us to expect so much more than what they've offered in this collaboration.

  6. Valentine Xavier's rating of the film Eros

    5 stars for "the hand" fvck the rest of it

  7. Landen Celano's rating of the film Eros

    Like any anthology movie, the smattering of talent and vision is its greatest weakness and its greatest strength. All three segments have moments of brilliance, but Soderbergh's indirect approach to the theme was the most interesting.

  8. peaches and plums's rating of the film Eros

  9. Fátima Pinheiro's rating of the film Eros

    Sem dúvida que vale a pena ver pela história de Wong Kar-Wai.

  10. Ostermyers's rating of the film Eros

  11. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Eros

    2.5 Antonioni 2 Soderbergh 4 WKW

  12. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Eros

    Más que erotismo, las 3 historias coinciden en graficar personajes perturbados por el arrebato de "lo sensual/sexual": lo ausente (Antonioni), lo fantasioso (Soderbergh), lo platónico (Wong). En todos el erotismo se encuentra en un plano de lo inalcanzable. El deseo como motor del mismo erotismo, uno que por cierto no es lo suficientemente atractivo en un nivel erógeno.

  13. marcos's rating of the film Eros

  14. pixienat's rating of the film Eros

    :\ too depressing for me. This coming from someone whose favourite film is days of being wild mainly because I personally related to yuddy and my ex boyfriends.

  15. linuskendall's rating of the film Eros

    Wong Kar-Wais short "Hand" is what really lifts up this three movie set of films about sex and love. The Steven Soderbergh movie about the stressed out ad executive is good, but not great, and the Antonioni menage-a-trois bored me.

  16. BlackSwan797's rating of the film Eros

    Eros is an Erotic Anthology film.

  17. Patricia Barrera's rating of the film Eros

    I liked WKW's best. Antonioni's I didn't like at all.

  18. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Eros

    I only care about Wong Kar-Wai's film _Hand_ which was gorgeous and filled with yearning, irrevocable romantic tragedy, silent yet believable emotions, helped of course by Christopher Doyle's camera work--as precise as a master Chinese tailor in days gone by.

  19. Thomas Ban's rating of the film Eros

    Couldn't stop feeling like I was watching soft porn during Atonioni's story. Disappointing.

  20. r.s.'s rating of the film Eros

    4 solo per il bianco e nero di s.

  21. Vladimir Estragon Sanchez III's rating of the film Eros

    I hated the Antonioni story. I think that he's one of the most overrated directors of all time. The other two stories were charming.

  22. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Eros

    Four stars for Kar-wai; the others had their moments and were nice to look at but Gong Li is amazing in The Hand. Completely erotic and sensual, the exploration of a relationship that is physically intimate but emotionally distant reminds us of films where the woman is placed on a pedestal, a muse of sorts and in spite of her flaws, she manages to move us and incite change. The mood of isolation is right on target.

  23. Hani's rating of the film Eros

    Although I am not a fan of Kar-Wai, I loved his segment. It is a masterpiece. Soderbergh's segment was a success except for the last scene; the revelation scene. Too direct and turned the subtle segment into a joke ends with an exclamation point. Antonioni's segment was just another disappointment by him. Having a big name does not mean that people would like anything you make, sir.

  24. Joaopa's rating of the film Eros

    Although irregular, is a film to be seen. Especially to see a different facet of Soderbergh, and to give a more magnificent work of Kar-Wai.

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