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  1. Photo of Lam Ngai-Kai

    Lam Ngai-Kai Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Kwan Tsang

    Kwan Tsang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Amy Yip

    Amy Yip Cast

  4. Photo of Chia Ling Ha

    Chia Ling Ha Cast

  5. Photo of Man So

    Man So Cast

  6. Photo of Hitomi Kudô

    Hitomi Kudô Cast

  7. Photo of Chan Wai-To

    Chan Wai-To Cast

  8. Photo of Liang Chiang

    Liang Chiang Cast

  9. Photo of Chi Chun Ha

    Chi Chun Ha Cast

  10. Photo of Kamimura Kiyoko

    Kamimura Kiyoko Cast

  11. Photo of Lam Chung

    Lam Chung Cast

  12. Photo of Lin Chung

    Lin Chung Cast

  13. Photo of Sai Gwa-pau

    Sai Gwa-pau Cast

  14. Photo of Sin Lap-man

    Sin Lap-man Cast

  15. Photo of Manfred Wong

    Manfred Wong Cast

  16. Photo of Fei Lit Chan

    Fei Lit Chan Music

  17. Photo of Lau Sai-Wan

    Lau Sai-Wan Production Design

  18. Photo of Lan Chan Choi

    Lan Chan Choi Producer

  19. Photo of Chow Chun-tung

    Chow Chun-tung Producer

  20. Photo of Lam Chua

    Lam Chua Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Yao Chung Chang

    Yao Chung Chang Editing

  22. Photo of Chuen Tak Keung

    Chuen Tak Keung Editing