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  1. Photo of Michel Soutter

    Michel Soutter Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Louis Trintignant

    Jean-Louis Trintignant Cast

  3. Photo of Marie Dubois

    Marie Dubois Cast

  4. Photo of Antoinette Moya

    Antoinette Moya Cast

  5. Photo of Georges Wod

    Georges Wod Cast

  6. Photo of Philippe Clévenot

    Philippe Clévenot Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Yves Bader

    Jean-Yves Bader Cast

  8. Photo of Guy Bovet

    Guy Bovet Cast and Music

  9. Photo of Armen Godel

    Armen Godel Cast

  10. Photo of Claudine Berthet

    Claudine Berthet Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Cassagne

    Michel Cassagne Cast

  12. Photo of Roger Diamantis

    Roger Diamantis Cast

  13. Photo of André Faure

    André Faure Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Jendly

    Roger Jendly Cast

  15. Photo of Marcel Vidal

    Marcel Vidal Cast

  16. Photo of Nicole Zufferey

    Nicole Zufferey Cast

  17. Photo of Simon Edelstein

    Simon Edelstein Cinematography