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  1. Photo of Roar Uthaug

    Roar Uthaug Director

  2. Photo of Thomas Moldestad

    Thomas Moldestad Screenplay

  3. Photo of Isabel Christine Andreasen

    Isabel Christine Andreasen Cast

  4. Photo of Ingrid Bolsø Berdal

    Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Cast

  5. Photo of Kristian Espedal

    Kristian Espedal Cast

  6. Photo of Gaahl

    Gaahl Cast

  7. Photo of Hallvard Holmen

    Hallvard Holmen Cast

  8. Photo of Bjørn Moan

    Bjørn Moan Cast

  9. Photo of Milla Olin

    Milla Olin Cast

  10. Photo of Iren Reppen

    Iren Reppen Cast

  11. Photo of Eirik Holden Rotheim

    Eirik Holden Rotheim Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Jacob Sand

    Hans Jacob Sand Cast

  13. Photo of Tobias Santelmann

    Tobias Santelmann Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Skog

    Richard Skog Cast

  15. Photo of Martin Slaatto

    Martin Slaatto Cast

  16. Photo of Clara Lien Sunde

    Clara Lien Sunde Cast

  17. Photo of John Christian Rosenlund

    John Christian Rosenlund Cinematography

  18. Photo of Magnus Beite

    Magnus Beite Music

  19. Photo of Astrid Strøm Astrup

    Astrid Strøm Astrup Production Design

  20. Photo of Martin Sundland

    Martin Sundland Producer and Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Hugo Hagemann Føsker

    Hugo Hagemann Føsker Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Are Heidenstrom

    Are Heidenstrom Executive Producer and Producer

  23. Photo of Elle-Beth Lønnestad

    Elle-Beth Lønnestad Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg

    Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Christian Siebenherz

    Christian Siebenherz Editing