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  1. Photo of Luc Picard

    Luc Picard Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fred Pellerin

    Fred Pellerin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicola-Frank Vachon

    Nicola-Frank Vachon Cast

  4. Photo of Gildor Roy

    Gildor Roy Cast

  5. Photo of Sophie Nélisse

    Sophie Nélisse Cast

  6. Photo of Marie-Chantal Perron

    Marie-Chantal Perron Cast

  7. Photo of Marie Brassard

    Marie Brassard Cast

  8. Photo of Maude Laurendeau

    Maude Laurendeau Cast

  9. Photo of Rene Richard Cyr

    Rene Richard Cyr Cast

  10. Photo of Alain Sauvage

    Alain Sauvage Cast

  11. Photo of Isabel Richer

    Isabel Richer Cast

  12. Photo of Denis Trudel

    Denis Trudel Cast

  13. Photo of François Dutil

    François Dutil Cinematography

  14. Photo of Michel Corriveau

    Michel Corriveau Music

  15. Photo of Nicolas Lepage

    Nicolas Lepage Production Design

  16. Photo of Luc Martineau

    Luc Martineau Producer

  17. Photo of Lorraine Richard

    Lorraine Richard Producer

  18. Photo of Daniel Proulx

    Daniel Proulx Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Richard Speer

    Richard Speer Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Yvann Thibaudeau

    Yvann Thibaudeau Editing

  21. Photo of Olivier Calvert

    Olivier Calvert Sound

  22. Photo of Natalie Fleurant

    Natalie Fleurant Sound

  23. Photo of Chris Leon

    Chris Leon Sound

  24. Photo of Louis Gignac

    Louis Gignac Sound

  25. Photo of Benoit Leduc

    Benoit Leduc Sound

  26. Photo of Jo Caron

    Jo Caron Sound

  27. Photo of Marie-Lou Morin

    Marie-Lou Morin Sound

  28. Photo of Carmen Alie

    Carmen Alie Costume Design