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  1. Photo of Piers Haggard

    Piers Haggard Director

  2. Photo of Jack Rosenthal

    Jack Rosenthal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maureen Lipman

    Maureen Lipman Cast

  4. Photo of David Ross

    David Ross Cast

  5. Photo of Benedict Sandiford

    Benedict Sandiford Cast

  6. Photo of Tom Wilkinson

    Tom Wilkinson Cast

  7. Photo of Anna Carteret

    Anna Carteret Cast

  8. Photo of Laura Howard

    Laura Howard Cast

  9. Photo of Alec Guinness

    Alec Guinness Cast

  10. Photo of James Fleet

    James Fleet Cast

  11. Photo of Kathryn Pogson

    Kathryn Pogson Cast

  12. Photo of Grant Warnock

    Grant Warnock Cast

  13. Photo of Laurie Ventry

    Laurie Ventry Cast

  14. Photo of Kathy Kiera Clarke

    Kathy Kiera Clarke Cast

  15. Photo of Susannah Wise

    Susannah Wise Cast

  16. Photo of Lila Kaye

    Lila Kaye Cast

  17. Photo of Pippa Hinchley

    Pippa Hinchley Cast

  18. Photo of Cheryl Fergison

    Cheryl Fergison Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Coulter

    Michael Coulter Cinematography

  20. Photo of Dominic Muldowney

    Dominic Muldowney Music

  21. Photo of Martyn Hebert

    Martyn Hebert Production Design

  22. Photo of Steven Ashley

    Steven Ashley Producer

  23. Photo of Ann Scott

    Ann Scott Producer

  24. Photo of Rebecca Eaton

    Rebecca Eaton Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Tessa Ross

    Tessa Ross Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Michael Parker

    Michael Parker Editing