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  1. Photo of Francesco Barilli

    Francesco Barilli Director

  2. Photo of Giuseppe Bertolucci

    Giuseppe Bertolucci Director

  3. Photo of Marco Tullio Giordana

    Marco Tullio Giordana Director

  4. Photo of Giuseppe Tornatore

    Giuseppe Tornatore Director

  5. Photo of Tonino Guerra

    Tonino Guerra Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ornella Muti

    Ornella Muti Cast

  7. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Hugues Anglade

    Jean-Hugues Anglade Cast

  9. Photo of Sergio Bini Bustric

    Sergio Bini Bustric Cast

  10. Photo of Nicola Di Pinto

    Nicola Di Pinto Cast

  11. Photo of Maddalena Fellini

    Maddalena Fellini Cast

  12. Photo of Betty Romani

    Betty Romani Cast

  13. Photo of Patricia Arquette

    Patricia Arquette Cast

  14. Photo of Nicoletta Braschi

    Nicoletta Braschi Cast

  15. Photo of Chiara Caselli

    Chiara Caselli Cast

  16. Photo of Ivano Marescotti

    Ivano Marescotti Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  18. Photo of Andrea Prodan

    Andrea Prodan Cast

  19. Photo of Tonino Delli Colli

    Tonino Delli Colli Cinematography

  20. Photo of Franco Lecca

    Franco Lecca Cinematography

  21. Photo of Gianni Marras

    Gianni Marras Cinematography

  22. Photo of Andrea Guerra

    Andrea Guerra Music

  23. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  24. Photo of Mario Orfini

    Mario Orfini Producer

  25. Photo of Amedeo Pagani

    Amedeo Pagani Producer

  26. Photo of Erwin Provoost

    Erwin Provoost Producer

  27. Photo of Giovanna Romagnoli

    Giovanna Romagnoli Producer

  28. Photo of Giorgio Silvagni

    Giorgio Silvagni Producer

  29. Photo of Sergio Marcotulli

    Sergio Marcotulli Sound

  30. Photo of Marco Streccioni

    Marco Streccioni Sound