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  1. pattiocleavis's rating of the film Étoile

  2. The Cinema Doll's rating of the film Étoile

    Before Black Swan there was Étoile.

  3. rulesofachia's rating of the film Étoile

    Very underrated Gothic fairy tale which is like a supernatural Black Swan. It's important to watch a good quality copy since the VHS does no justice to the gorgeous cinematography. The film is quite slow but it fits with the motif of stopped time. The finale is epic and very surreal. Worth a watch if you're a Jennifer Connelly fan!

  4. Sam's Myth's rating of the film Étoile

    Finally this movie got its own page. I thought I had seen every dreamlike 80's fantasy film starring a teenage Jennifer Connelly, and then I discovered this film. It definitely has a poorly-acted b-movie quality to it but that doesn't temper the cinematography and strange tone. Also way foreshadows BLACK SWAN in its Swan Lake-centered mythology. It's no LABYRINTH but it's a weird little gem.