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  1. Photo of Anders Henrikson

    Anders Henrikson Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Bengt Idestam-Almquist

    Bengt Idestam-Almquist Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carlo Keil-Möller

    Carlo Keil-Möller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sigfrid Siwertz

    Sigfrid Siwertz Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lorens Marmstedt

    Lorens Marmstedt Producer

  6. Photo of Hilding Bladh

    Hilding Bladh Cinematography

  7. Photo of Bosse Rosendahl

    Bosse Rosendahl Music

  8. Photo of Gunnar Malmström

    Gunnar Malmström Music

  9. Photo of Rolf Husberg

    Rolf Husberg Editing

  10. Photo of Arthur Spjuth

    Arthur Spjuth Production Design

  11. Photo of Carl Barcklind

    Carl Barcklind Cast

  12. Photo of Edvin Adolphson

    Edvin Adolphson Cast

  13. Photo of Karin Ekelund

    Karin Ekelund Cast

  14. Photo of Ziri-Gun Eriksson

    Ziri-Gun Eriksson Cast

  15. Photo of Gösta Cederlund

    Gösta Cederlund Cast

  16. Photo of Håkan Westergren

    Håkan Westergren Cast

  17. Photo of Sigurd Wallén

    Sigurd Wallén Cast