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Directed by Nicolas Roeg
United States, United Kingdom, 1983


A reclusive, unhappy gold magnate finds his isolated tropical paradise threatened by the intrusion of organized criminals.

Eureka Directed by Nicolas Roeg

Critics reviews

Roeg’s use of flashbacks and flash-forwards, his fascination with identities merging or mirroring, is in high gear throughout.
January 02, 2019
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  • Jason's rating of the film Eureka

    EUREKA finds Roeg at the height of his powers (surely it and his previous film, BAD TIMING, are his finest films simply in terms of concretization of an overarching vision). Lest we forget: this wildly experimental, occult, sometimes aggressively unsettling masterpiece was made under the umbrella of MGM and United Artists. The way he deals w/ radical simultaneity and folded time is distinct. He is a philosopher.

  • NEONBEAR's rating of the film Eureka

    felt like it had a lot of trouble trying to convey it's message. there is a great film somewhere in here, just couldn't find it.

  • The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Eureka

    Eureka!!! You know the best thing I took from this was that gene hackman would have been an incredible Dan plainview. Not quite the unheralded masterpiece I expected but damn good, great even. I like many critics did not dig the final court room chapter. I mean I kinda see what he was going for, the cross examination between lovers was pretty interesting but...nah. Loved the opening 30 min btw

  • kubrickhallway's rating of the film Eureka

    This film, on paper, is so promising that the first time I saw it I felt my expectations had spoiled it for me. They really hadn’t, though - this is a flawed film that could very well have been saved in the editing room. Still, Roeg delivers an uneven but impactful story with vivid imagery that will stick with you, including what is easily one of the most brutal death scenes in commercial cinema.

  • Sean's rating of the film Eureka

    Second viewing of a Nicolas Roeg film (the other being Track 29). Gene Hackman leads a pretty great cast but the story just isn't all that appealing or lacks some sort of substance. Some scenes (yes one of them being McCann's death) had me watching intently. Roeg's style of surrealism is here but at least the film is easy to follow. A decent film but nothing amazing.

  • Joseph Sylvers's rating of the film Eureka

    Not Roeg's best film, but maybe his masterpiece in the way it incorporates all of his signature elements thematically and in it's editing. A man spends fifteen years looking for gold in Alaska and finally finds it, cut to decades later on his private island "Eureka", that a mobster wants to buy, and which he refuses to sell against all better judgement. Nature and desire, and the impossibility of owning either.

  • S Campbell's rating of the film Eureka

    Killed by its distributor this Roeg film is as dazzling as his better known work. Hackman is on fine form as the man with wealth but with no soul left after gaining it. Te cast are all excellent and Paul Mayersberg's script crackles with great dialogue. Smilar in tone To There Willl Be Blood this is a long lost classic which demands to be seen

  • JCPJD's rating of the film Eureka

    Like with all Roeg films, I enjoyed the initial burst of energy before sinking into a prolonged sense of boredom and duty to finish it. The performances are wooden, the story, such as it is, doesn't really hold tight or deliver anything to hold on to, which would be alright if the overall atmosphere of the piece felt unique or cohesive. It's inconsistent.

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