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  1. Photo of Mike Malloy

    Mike Malloy Director, Screenplay, Music, Editing & 1 more
    Mike Malloy Director, Screenplay, Music, Editing, Producer

  2. Photo of Franco Nero

    Franco Nero Self

  3. Photo of John Saxon

    John Saxon Self

  4. Photo of Henry Silva

    Henry Silva Self

  5. Photo of Antonio Sabato

    Antonio Sabato Self

  6. Photo of Luc Merenda

    Luc Merenda Self

  7. Photo of Fred Williamson

    Fred Williamson Self

  8. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Self

  9. Photo of Christopher Mitchum

    Christopher Mitchum Self

  10. Photo of Enzo G. Castellari

    Enzo G. Castellari Self

  11. Photo of Leonard Mann

    Leonard Mann Self

  12. Photo of Joe Dallesandro

    Joe Dallesandro Self

  13. Photo of Michael Forest

    Michael Forest Self

  14. Photo of Claudio Fragasso

    Claudio Fragasso Self

  15. Photo of Federico Caddeo

    Federico Caddeo Cinematography

  16. Photo of Michael A. Martinez

    Michael A. Martinez Cinematography

  17. Photo of Calibro 35

    Calibro 35 Music

  18. Photo of Matthew Miklos

    Matthew Miklos Music

  19. Photo of Aaron Stielstra

    Aaron Stielstra Music

  20. Photo of Kier-La Janisse

    Kier-La Janisse Producer

  21. Photo of John Dobbie

    John Dobbie Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Lee Franceschi

    Lee Franceschi Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Patrick Malloy

    Patrick Malloy Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Scott Overstreet

    Scott Overstreet Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Patrick Giovinazzo

    Patrick Giovinazzo Sound