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  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Nice photography, mostly of very boring people smoking cigarettes. Not sure why this movie is, maybe something to do with the Debt Crisis? Kind of a vague message, if that's what it is. What is up with Europeans and cigarettes? Don't they know it's very harmful to their health? Or they don't care because of the Debt Crisis? In California almost no one here smokes and there's almost no place where it's legal to smoke.

  2. Emrys's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    A very human and personal portrait of Europe's current struggles, as experienced by 4 couples in different cities. Seville, Tallinn, Dublin and Thessaloniki. Particularly honest and intimate filmmaking.

  3. Bart van Maarseveen's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Great perspective on Europe's crisis from the viewpoint of everyday couples in different parts of Europe. No analysis, just real lives, real problems and close up portraits like the filmmaker is invisible. Leaving it up to the viewer to draw conclusions. Beautiful!

  4. NOSFERATI's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    One of the best documentaries I have seen on Europe. Honest and beautiful.

  5. zhanna's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    - I love you - I don't give a fuck

  6. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Beautiful women and their schlubby men do drugs, have sex. I think the point is to juxtrapose the total intimacy of the couples with the grand economic and political developments of Europe, which isn't quite as interesting as the couples themselves. Intimacy is a much scarier thing for me than international politics. It looks very good, to say the least.

  7. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Lugubrious, but really well edited.

  8. fearraigh's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    This pseudo-documentary from the geographical and economic margins of Europe fails to live up to its lofty aims. There is an arthouse predictability to the plotting and direction (Jaime Rosales, in particular, did this a lot better in Beautiful Youth). The interlaced sections are also very pretentious. Ultimately about as profound as your average Vimeo short.

  9. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Like the best documentaries, this makes a fiction film on the same subject feel totally superfluous. I don't think the overarching concept of linking the film's 4 relationships to a fractured Europe is intellectually convincing, but Gassmann's filmmaking conveys it with such tender brilliance that it really doesn't matter. Like the angels in Wings of Desire, I felt both helplessly sad and awed by these people's lives

  10. Florian's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    The director tries to show a dark side of Europe - somewhat successfully - but the means he uses to do this feel artificial. The radio and TV voices, and SFX on the shots of the cities, feel fake. The intimacy we gain with the couples is spoiled by the desire to bring a sense of the world falling apart, only to justify our character's failed lives - when in fact they're just junkies,pizza delivery men, exotic dancers

  11. dionysus67's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Innovative narrative that binds together in terms of consequences and resourcefulness four couples in different European cities. Like the flow of finance capital, the porous borders and the placid ideology of resistance, the four couples' liquid love (Bauman) merges with a wider social milieu of a Europe, impressively photographed in bleak colors in a sullen social climate. Ideologically partisan, but atmospheric.

  12. Quattro's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Very intimate and heartfelt. Striking cinematography, I loved those non-narrative sections so much. Great piece by Kate Tempest on the credits, it really fit. As a documentary it doesn't necessarily go anywhere, but it does convey an emotional snapshot of this particular place and moment in History. A maybe pessimistic, but beautifully sad portrait. (Some of them were assholes though, couldn't empathize very much.)

  13. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Exploitative and voyeuristic, this pseudo-documentary works best in the interstices between the four main narratives. One thing is clear: more than neoliberalism, disenfranchisement, disillusion, unemployment, cluelessness, nihilism, and inertia, what is really killing Europeans is chain smoking. Jason Reitman was right: "These days when someone smokes in the movies, they're either a psychopath or European."

  14. Elisabeth Brun's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    I am amazed by the intimacy, the smart editing (between noisy crowds and the silence of intimacy, for one), the well-thought-out presence of european politics (through TV and radio-news), the city-scapes capturing the european "zeit-geist". Documentary magic.

  15. simona dumitriu's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

  16. Patrick Kelly's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    Director deliberately handpicks the bleakest images he can find to match his agenda. Other than the Tallin family, the subjects lacked balance in their lives. resorting to drugs and sex to alleviate boredom. Is that truly representative of a European cross section?

  17. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    As depressing as reality can get if not hold in check. It's a picture of decay that will erode your soul so watch it at your own risk. At the same time it's a love poem to love we all take for granted only to recall its mundane glory when it's already too late.

  18. j. reim's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

  19. mike's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    All this young Europeans, don't have any idea of what is to be poor. I am a Mexican student(UNAM), and there are clearly differences in what a young Latin-American low middle class is respect to the same term in Europe. Many of us, just want to get out of here and go, always dreaming about all these frames that I just finished to see. I want to be a couple of this.

  20. sue joy's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

  21. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

  22. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

  23. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    a real, sad but beautiful reflection of ourselves. So pure.

  24. simon caro's rating of the film Europe, She Loves

    I thought about rating as a 4/5 because I need to leave 5 for really special films. But this documentary is just so good at being what it is. It's a portrait of Europe, an honest one - maybe you could say a portrait of just of the underbelly. But it is somehow magically crafted as a collage, using cuttings of extraordinary close and intimate moments of truths in 4 pairs of lovers's lives. A masterpiece!

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