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  1. Photo of Amanda Kernell

    Amanda Kernell Director

  2. Photo of Amanda Kernell

    Amanda Kernell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sorush Badruddin

    Sorush Badruddin Cast

  4. Photo of Anosha Mohammed Mosa

    Anosha Mohammed Mosa Cast

  5. Photo of Abdul Nasir Zahir

    Abdul Nasir Zahir Cast

  6. Photo of Mathias Fjellström

    Mathias Fjellström Producer

  7. Photo of Susanne Karlsson

    Susanne Karlsson Producer

  8. Photo of Håkan Eriksson

    Håkan Eriksson Music

  9. Photo of Jonas Svennem

    Jonas Svennem Music

  10. Photo of Petrus Sjövik

    Petrus Sjövik Cinematography

  11. Photo of Anders Skov

    Anders Skov Editing