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  1. Photo of Bele Bachem

    Bele Bachem Costume Design and Production Design

  2. Photo of Erika Russ

    Erika Russ Costume Design

  3. Photo of Rolf Thiele

    Rolf Thiele Director

  4. Photo of Karl Ehrlich

    Karl Ehrlich Producer

  5. Photo of Hans Jacoby

    Hans Jacoby Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fritz Rotter

    Fritz Rotter Screenplay

  7. Photo of Klaus von Rautenfeld

    Klaus von Rautenfeld Cinematography

  8. Photo of Romy Schneider

    Romy Schneider Cast

  9. Photo of Carlos Thompson

    Carlos Thompson Cast

  10. Photo of Magda Schneider

    Magda Schneider Cast

  11. Photo of Josef Meinrad

    Josef Meinrad Cast

  12. Photo of Rudolf Forster

    Rudolf Forster Cast

  13. Photo of Erni Mangold

    Erni Mangold Cast

  14. Photo of Helmut Lohner

    Helmut Lohner Cast

  15. Photo of Gertraud Jesserer

    Gertraud Jesserer Cast

  16. Photo of Alfred Costas

    Alfred Costas Cast

  17. Photo of Henny BrĂ¼nsch

    Henny BrĂ¼nsch Editing

  18. Photo of Hertha Hareiter

    Hertha Hareiter Production Design

  19. Photo of Otto Pischinger

    Otto Pischinger Production Design

  20. Photo of Hans-Martin Majewski

    Hans-Martin Majewski Music

  21. Photo of Herbert Janeczka

    Herbert Janeczka Sound

  22. Photo of Richard Eybner

    Richard Eybner Cast

  23. Photo of Benno Hoffmann

    Benno Hoffmann Cast

  24. Photo of Guido Wieland

    Guido Wieland Cast

  25. Photo of Fritz Heller

    Fritz Heller Cast

  26. Photo of Dorothea Neff

    Dorothea Neff Cast

  27. Photo of Dieter Tressler

    Dieter Tressler Cast

  28. Photo of Joschi Weidinger

    Joschi Weidinger Cast

  29. Photo of Oskar Wegrostek

    Oskar Wegrostek Cast