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  1. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Eva

    Losey made social differences stand out. A Welsh coal miner's son and an orphaned French girl who survives by wanting money. Baker was a coal miner's son in real life. Hence the heightened irony. Losey tries to puts his stamp on this film and partly succeeds.

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Eva

  3. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Eva

    Am I really supposed to feel sorry for him? She warned him not to fall in love with her. Yes, it sounded like a challenge, but perhaps people have to make that mistake for themselves.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Eva

    Une oeuvre inoubliable, sous forme d'acidulée et navrante parabole à résonnance biblique, constatant avec une amère lucidité l'inévitable faillite des relations entre les deux sexes. L'exceptionnelle interprétation de Jeanne Moreau en lumineuse garce fatale ne doit pas faire oublier la fine et délicate composition de la magnétique Virna Lisi, d'une marquante et discrète présence cinématographique.

  5. francisca bacon's rating of the film Eva

    Wonder why this was such a flop w/ me. I guess it's not due to aggressive classicism sieging each frame as if the film assumed the role of its last outpost in the arts. Just when you think the detail couldn't get more hirsute, the edifice grows even more encrusted and overflourished like the 'Ideal Palace' of Postman Cheval or ineffectual electric jolts applied onto the corpse of its bad plot & despicable characters.

  6. NicoleDickson's rating of the film Eva

    Jeanne Moreau at her most brutual. Worth watching for her performance alone.

  7. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Eva

    What at first seems like a sloppy film filled with pretension and facade becomes a carefully crafted film ABOUT pretension and facade, turning gender stereotypes and hip nonchalance against themselves to reveal the broken humans cowering underneath. Very good.

  8. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Eva

    Great director. Jeanne Moreau is perfect (as always). Well worth watching.

  9. Michael Goetz's rating of the film Eva

    I try not to pay too much attention when a film is called pretentious, but boy does the shoe fit this one. Dreadful in so many ways: boring, misanthropic, puritanical, sleazy. Everybody is hideous, especially Baker as the writer, who plays like a cross between Jack Palance and Roger Moore, without the charm. There are a few nice shots, but on the whole it is terribly put together. It adds up to an empty experience.

  10. Ethan's rating of the film Eva

    Oh that Jeanne Moreau could do incredible things to men. What a beauty and what a talent.

  11. El Biffo's rating of the film Eva

    Blacklisted from Hollywood by HUAC, Losey's style is alienated and cool, but Jeanne Moreau is hot as a pistol!

  12. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Eva

    LA DOLCE VITA (1960) and Antonioni's "trilogy on modernity and its discontents" (1960-1962) according to Losey.

  13. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Eva

    The film handles the same theme -obsessive and destructive love- than The Gypsy and the Gentleman, a film Joseph Losey directed four years earlier. As it is, the movie is still captivating. Highly recommended.

  14. DaveK's rating of the film Eva

    If only the original was available....though Losey admitted he might have gone too far in his first cut and apparently did agree to some of Hakim brother's changes. Who else composes shots like losey? Some amazing sequences.

  15. Pierre Yves's rating of the film Eva

    « Willow weep for me. Bent your branches down along the ground and cover me. Listen to my plea »