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  1. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    The cinematography by Giorgos Ioannou is exquisite, and the political and social issues could not be more relevant. However it is apparent that this film is a master's thesis, and in places it loses its way. The narration takes the easy path into the passive voice; the refugees are taken advantage of, exploited, trafficked. The film omits the active role of the various mafias in running the refugee 'business'.

  2. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    To be a political artist in Europe today necessitates tearing down borders. After twenty minutes I didn't get all the fuss around this film. The cinematography was decidedly patchy and gave the stench of a student film about a very important subject. But like the birds Radivojevic consistently returns to, this one gradually took off and left me stunned by the end.

  3. mciszczon's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Gives you a new perspective on this immigration problem that Europe is facing. Cyprus could easily be treated as an example of what migrants have to face and how geopolitical changes affects lives. What you may or may not like is somewhat personal approach. Visually, the film is very attractive. I especially liked many of these still shots -- they really build the atmosphere.

  4. Feng Ling's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    beautifully done documentary, wish I did not procrastinate and watch it right before expiration... part 4 and on is when it really grabbed my attention and thoughts. To skate around the serious subject: The song Μαιτρέσα was especially... & appearance of that FMJ hymn was quite surprising. the build up of us v. them mentality really has been a constant theme in history as a mean to amass unity & power......

  5. mpho3's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Every facet of this film is beautifully made. For me the most poignant moment comes at the beginning of the 3rd chapter. Entitled Fear's Invention, it begins with a static shot of fresh fruits and vegetables to reveal a market colorful with people and produce. As we gaze upon the bounty, Radivojevic avers, "At all markets the free flow of capital is celebrated, the free flow of the world's citizens, not so much."

  6. David R Williams's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Fascinating. Cyprus seems a microcosm of the world and the realities and myths of the refugee experience with people fleeing war and persecution seeking help and instead meeting a bureaucracy that moves in slow motion when it moves at all, "patrons" who take advantage of them and hostile natives who see only what they want to see - mostly that most if not all refugees are lazy welfare cheats.

  7. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Solid movie with great pictures but I don't think the message is as fresh as it used to be couple of years ago when the movie was released.

  8. Kareem E.'s rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    "A snapshot” taken "when the rhetoric of hate” [13 June 2016] from "that concentrated microcosm” of Europe, “most Cyprots," "the migrants are an amorphous body." Seyrettim. [07 July 2016] (I watched.) "And she brings me with her." “I really appreciated the framing." DuBois: “who shall let this world be beautiful?” Palestinian refugee activists. “Fascism out of here!" "A body we need to protect ourselves from."

  9. EdieEmm's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Beautiful. Cyprus is beautiful, and the cinematography, and the words... And it's revealing to see this global crisis of migrant injustice from the perspective of that concentrated microcosm. But most beautiful was getting to see my truth - usually typed out in heated comments, chanted in slogans, bound by ugly necessity - expressed as art. Ideas meant to soar. Thoughtful; urgent; sincere. #NoOneIsIllegal 3.75

  10. marina steiger's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    "who shall let this world be beautiful?"

  11. siobhantebbs's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Considered portrait of the inward-looking nature of many Cypriots on the subject of migrants, and the lives this costs. Both lyrically and pointedly shot: one scene that stands out in memory is the official's description of migrants as all rowdy troublemakers with the visuals of several quiet women sitting calmly near the camera.

  12. Emil's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Me ha gustado mucho la pelicula. El tema de la inmigracion es muy delicado pero siempre mas actual. Felicidades!

  13. captainfez's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    People are terrible, basically.

  14. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Very well shot. Interesting documentary and very informative. A bit bland due to its subdued narration.

  15. George B's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    I like how Radivojevic doesn't stay objective. I like seeing/hearing how her thoughts and impressions are changed by what she sees. Because so do mine. And she brings me with her in this complicated statement about identity and acceptance.

  16. Manoela Wolff's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    excelent!absolutly contemporary and pertinent!

  17. tangoletal's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Una buena peli sobre el conflicto que desata la emigración

  18. worldviewed's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Sensible and stringent portrayal of the disappearing of an ethics of migration in an Europe increasingly xenophobe were the migrant becomes a "new category of criminal." A film that should be required viewing, at this time of American electoral anxiety, and European political disorientation.

  19. Agustin Barrutia's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Sad story of our present times.

  20. Diego Souza's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Fascism out of here! Não as fronteiras! Quando o mundo vai ser um lugar bom de se viver?

  21. Justin Midnight's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    A cinematically beautiful portrait of asylum seekers and fascists, and those that fall ideologically between them on the island of Cyprus. Evaporating Borders is a thoughtful examination of how and why vulnerable immigrant populations are demonized as told by immigrants and their opposers.

  22. panagiotatos's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    enlightening documentary, humane and tolerant.

  23. Makinist Klitorist's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Seyrettim. Kıbrıs, iki toplumlu bir ada. Adanın temel iki etnik grubu olan Kıbrıslı Türk ve Rumlar'ın yanı sıra, Lübnan, Suriye, Rus, Yugoslav, Musevi, İtalyan, Yunan, (1974 sonrası) Türkiyeli etnik gruplar da var. Zaten, adada ana para kaynağı, yabancılar. Turizm, off-shore bankacılık sistemi, üniversiteler, vs. Kıbrıs, Yabancılar olmasa zaten ada ekonomisi yürümeyecek. Bunu bir kenara yazalım.

  24. Hajer's rating of the film Evaporating Borders

    Dark, brilliant direction, and truly insightful.

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