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  1. Photo of Peter Watkins

    Peter Watkins Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Poul Martinsen

    Poul Martinsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patricia Bay Andersen

    Patricia Bay Andersen Cast

  4. Photo of Helle Bo

    Helle Bo Cast

  5. Photo of Carsten Clante

    Carsten Clante Cast and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Walther Preben Egeklint

    Walther Preben Egeklint Cast

  7. Photo of Lotte Hilden

    Lotte Hilden Cast

  8. Photo of Frank Hummelgaard

    Frank Hummelgaard Cast

  9. Photo of Rene Jørgensen

    Rene Jørgensen Cast

  10. Photo of Claus August van der Got

    Claus August van der Got Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Churchill

    Joan Churchill Cinematography

  12. Photo of Fritz Schrøder

    Fritz Schrøder Cinematography

  13. Photo of Anders Koppel

    Anders Koppel Music

  14. Photo of Poul Christiansen

    Poul Christiansen Production Design

  15. Photo of Steen Herdel

    Steen Herdel Producer

  16. Photo of Peter Lorenzen

    Peter Lorenzen Producer

  17. Photo of Ebbe Preisler

    Ebbe Preisler Producer

  18. Photo of Ib Tardini

    Ib Tardini Producer

  19. Photo of Jeff McBride

    Jeff McBride Editing and Producer

  20. Photo of Svend Nørgaard

    Svend Nørgaard Sound

  21. Photo of Søren Tom-Petersen

    Søren Tom-Petersen Sound