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  1. Photo of Lajos Koltai

    Lajos Koltai Director

  2. Photo of Susan Minot

    Susan Minot Screenplay and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Claire Danes

    Claire Danes Cast

  4. Photo of Toni Collette

    Toni Collette Cast

  5. Photo of Vanessa Redgrave

    Vanessa Redgrave Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson Cast

  7. Photo of Hugh Dancy

    Hugh Dancy Cast

  8. Photo of Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep Cast

  9. Photo of Natasha Richardson

    Natasha Richardson Cast

  10. Photo of Mamie Gummer

    Mamie Gummer Cast

  11. Photo of Eileen Atkins

    Eileen Atkins Cast

  12. Photo of Glenn Close

    Glenn Close Cast

  13. Photo of Barry Bostwick

    Barry Bostwick Cast

  14. Photo of David Call

    David Call Cast

  15. Photo of Jon DeVries

    Jon DeVries Cast

  16. Photo of Gyula Pados

    Gyula Pados Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

    Jan A.P. Kaczmarek Music

  18. Photo of Caroline Hanania

    Caroline Hanania Production Design

  19. Photo of Jeff Sharp

    Jeff Sharp Producer

  20. Photo of Michael Cunningham

    Michael Cunningham Executive Producer and Screenplay

  21. Photo of Jill Footlick

    Jill Footlick Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Michael Hogan

    Michael Hogan Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Robert Kessel

    Robert Kessel Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Allyson C. Johnson

    Allyson C. Johnson Editing

  25. Photo of Michelle Matland

    Michelle Matland Costume Design

  26. Photo of Ann Roth

    Ann Roth Costume Design