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  1. Photo of Alvin Epstein

    Alvin Epstein Cast

  2. Photo of Judith Coburn

    Judith Coburn Cast

  3. Photo of Ray Hubley

    Ray Hubley Cast

  4. Photo of Lou Jacobi

    Lou Jacobi Cast

  5. Photo of Faith Hubley

    Faith Hubley Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lane Smith

    Lane Smith Cast

  7. Photo of Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep Cast

  8. Photo of Dee Dee Bridgewater

    Dee Dee Bridgewater Cast

  9. Photo of Dinah Manoff

    Dinah Manoff Cast

  10. Photo of Lawrence Pressman

    Lawrence Pressman Cast

  11. Photo of John Randolph

    John Randolph Cast

  12. Photo of Jack Gilford

    Jack Gilford Cast

  13. Photo of Juanita Moore

    Juanita Moore Cast

  14. Photo of John Hubley

    John Hubley Producer, Director Screenplay

  15. Photo of William Russo

    William Russo Music

  16. Photo of Art Babbitt

    Art Babbitt Animation

  17. Photo of Adam Beckett

    Adam Beckett Animation

  18. Photo of Vinnie Bell

    Vinnie Bell Animation

  19. Photo of Fred Burns

    Fred Burns Animation

  20. Photo of Tissa David

    Tissa David Animation

  21. Photo of Phil Duncan

    Phil Duncan Animation

  22. Photo of Lu Guarnier

    Lu Guarnier Animation

  23. Photo of Earl James

    Earl James Animation

  24. Photo of Ruth Kissane

    Ruth Kissane Animation

  25. Photo of Bill Littlejohn

    Bill Littlejohn Animation

  26. Photo of Barrie Nelson

    Barrie Nelson Animation

  27. Photo of Don Patterson

    Don Patterson Animation

  28. Photo of Michael Sporn

    Michael Sporn Animation

  29. Photo of Kate Wodell

    Kate Wodell Animation