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  1. Photo of Giuseppe Orlandini

    Giuseppe Orlandini Director

  2. Photo of Pasquale Festa Campanile

    Pasquale Festa Campanile Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ugo Guerra

    Ugo Guerra Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giorgio Prosperi

    Giorgio Prosperi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Franco Rossi

    Franco Rossi Screenplay, Director

  7. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast

  8. Photo of Jacqueline Sassard

    Jacqueline Sassard Cast

  9. Photo of Marisa Merlini

    Marisa Merlini Cast

  10. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  11. Photo of Nando Bruno

    Nando Bruno Cast

  12. Photo of Memmo Carotenuto

    Memmo Carotenuto Cast

  13. Photo of Leopoldo Trieste

    Leopoldo Trieste Cast

  14. Photo of Ruggero Marchi

    Ruggero Marchi Cast

  15. Photo of Franco Di Trocchio

    Franco Di Trocchio Cast

  16. Photo of Clara Bindi

    Clara Bindi Cast

  17. Photo of Orlando Pallamari

    Orlando Pallamari Cast

  18. Photo of Grazia Colelli

    Grazia Colelli Cast

  19. Photo of Gina Amendola

    Gina Amendola Cast

  20. Photo of Guido Giambartolomei

    Guido Giambartolomei Producer

  21. Photo of Armando Nannuzzi

    Armando Nannuzzi Cinematography

  22. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing

  23. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design