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  1. Photo of Çağan Irmak

    Çağan Irmak Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Abdullah Oğuz

    Abdullah Oğuz Producer

  3. Photo of Selahattin Sancaklı

    Selahattin Sancaklı Cinematography

  4. Photo of Fikret Kuşkan

    Fikret Kuşkan Cast

  5. Photo of Nejat Isler

    Nejat Isler Cast

  6. Photo of Basak Köklükaya

    Basak Köklükaya Cast

  7. Photo of Şerif Sezer

    Şerif Sezer Cast

  8. Photo of Ferit Aktuğ

    Ferit Aktuğ Cast

  9. Photo of Zeynep Eronat

    Zeynep Eronat Cast

  10. Photo of Bedia Ener

    Bedia Ener Cast

  11. Photo of Özhan Sargın

    Özhan Sargın Cast

  12. Photo of Nurhan Yılma

    Nurhan Yılma Cast

  13. Photo of Yaman Tarcan

    Yaman Tarcan Cast

  14. Photo of Kutay Köktürk

    Kutay Köktürk Cast

  15. Photo of Borgahan Gümüşsoy

    Borgahan Gümüşsoy Cast

  16. Photo of Arda Seçgün

    Arda Seçgün Cast

  17. Photo of Bülent Seyran

    Bülent Seyran Cast

  18. Photo of Demet Pakyüz

    Demet Pakyüz Cast

  19. Photo of Ece özgenel

    Ece özgenel Cast

  20. Photo of Emre Başak

    Emre Başak Cast

  21. Photo of Gökhan Seyhan

    Gökhan Seyhan Cast

  22. Photo of Hakan Karayaşar

    Hakan Karayaşar Cast

  23. Photo of Halil Sarıdiken

    Halil Sarıdiken Cast

  24. Photo of Hikmet Akay

    Hikmet Akay Cast

  25. Photo of Müge Sınar

    Müge Sınar Cast

  26. Photo of Nesime Alış

    Nesime Alış Cast

  27. Photo of Orhan Gürses

    Orhan Gürses Cast

  28. Photo of Selçuk Gürmeriç

    Selçuk Gürmeriç Cast

  29. Photo of Sena Taşkapılıoğlu

    Sena Taşkapılıoğlu Cast

  30. Photo of Sevgi Onat

    Sevgi Onat Cast

  31. Photo of Tibet çelik

    Tibet çelik Cast

  32. Photo of Tuncay Kaynak

    Tuncay Kaynak Cast

  33. Photo of Ümit Gözgü

    Ümit Gözgü Cast

  34. Photo of Vahdet Çakar

    Vahdet Çakar Cast

  35. Photo of Mor Ve Ötesi

    Mor Ve Ötesi Music

  36. Photo of Timur Savcı

    Timur Savcı Producer

  37. Photo of Safak Bal

    Safak Bal Editing