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  1. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Evil Dead II

  2. PifPaf&Choup's rating of the film Evil Dead II

  3. RUIZ's rating of the film Evil Dead II

  4. ap's rating of the film Evil Dead II

  5. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Batshit crazy wouldn't even scratch the surface! What Raimi and Campbell have achieved with Evil Dead II makes the original film look like it was made for babies and preschoolers. All of the lo-fi insanity that flowed through the putrid veins and frames of the original is present here, times infinity plus one. Bruce Campbell just one of those actors that could make the needle of a compass go completely haywire!

  6. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    3.7 stars. For me this pales in comparison to the structural elegance and weird pathos of Jackson's 'Braindead', but as a ghoulish romp with moments of pure venom and a showcase for Campbell's remarkable slapstick abilities, this is aces! A popcorn and heavy metal movie. Goofy but nasty as a Garbage Pail Kid!

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Fantastic sequel/re-imagining that provides the perfect mix of horror and tongue in cheek humour. Full of iconic moments and dialogue that make one forgive just how thrifty many of the effects showcased are.

  8. DenoResandono's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    EVIL DEAD II: DEAD BY DAWN is my favorite entry in the trilogy. It's crazier, gorier, bloodier, & of course - f*cking entertaining. Ash probably is the best movie character I've ever seen. I mean just look at him, how badass he is. If you're looking for a complexity in its storytelling or a characters depth, I won't recommend this movie to you. I loved with its cinematography. It's unique and awesome at the same time

  9. raquel_ag's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Enredo: ★★★ Cinematografia: ★★ Tom: ★★★★ Música e Som: ★★ Representação: ★★★

  10. PlotnykLRTN's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Этот фильм заслуживает полного рейтинга просто из-за кинематографии, которая является одной из лучших в истории кино.

  11. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    The movie that made Bruce Campbell from a nobody to a king - Hail to the King, Baby! Nonstop craziness of blood and comedy. Full of memorable scenes like the room laughing of Ash, the demon infected hand and a flying eyeball. That Hollywood did not notice Bruce after this movie and made him an icon and A-list star is a mystery that is hard to understand.

  12. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Watched it on an iPad with a broken screen. It was like peering through one of the broken windows of the house they were trapped in. Perfect!

  13. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    This film is an absolute cult classic within the horror genre, blending Raimi's distinct voice humor into a concise piece of film that has inspired later films such as Cabin in the Woods. The film creates fleshed out world and satisfying conclusion thanks to a dedicated effort to give the characters drive and clear goals. This film builds off of Evil Dead one to mature and cement this series as the classics they are.

  14. Wyatt69's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Sam Raimi creates a film that is supposed to evoke horror with a twist of humor. As far as horror goes, the film is creepy and disturbing enough. However many aspects are over done in dramatacization that weakens the sense of fear and erodes the quality of our protagonist(s). As I viewer, I found myself giving up on the story-line along with its crucial dialogue and anticipating the next display of visceral imagery.

  15. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    They should have stopped making horror movies after this one. Will never be topped.

  16. CHRIS's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    A classic. It's really a horrible film, one of the most cheesy things ever; but that's what makes it good. The over done movement and exaggerated yells, very low quality special effects, this is what makes this film a thing of beauty. The main character, portrayed by Bruce Campbell, is the saving grace of this film; he is a breath of comedic seriousness that makes his character enjoyable.

  17. Semaj Hatcher's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    A comical manifest torn between horror and comedy , i thought this film was a mediocre Halloween film. Although this film made me cringe horribly it had nearly perfect sound effects and vivid imagery. Bruce Campbell, the leading actor does an amazing job playing his role This film, is without a shadow of a doubt, one of finest, most random comedy horror films ever made. This film does have the ability to scare you.

  18. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    How often do you finish a horror movie and you're just happy about life?

  19. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Feel almost ashamed to realise I'd forgotten exact how great this is. To all intents this could practically be a dialogue free film, for the scarcity of what there is this is a 100% visual feast of comedy, horror, and extremely canny camerawork. A lot to enjoy on a lot of levels.

  20. Victor W's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    An early take on comedic horror. overall i was impressed with the scare tactics they used being that the CGI and digital effect were considered outdated compared to now. The movie story line and the acting were decent but left me a little boring. Not a terrible film, i recommend if you're looking for an interesting movie that you can shed a couple of laughs at.

  21. Isaac Lefebvre's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II, staring Bruce Campbell, starts with a man named Ash going to visit his girlfriend Linda at a mountain cabin. While there Ash performs a ritual that unleashes a spirit that possesses his girlfriend Linda. Ash is trapped in the cabin to fend off the evil spirits lead by Linda's corpse itself. Ash goes though many struggles through the night, including cutting off his hand. Overall the film was good.

  22. Bernie's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films are true cult classics and I enjoy all of them. Evil Dead II is masterful horror comedy done right with it's startling images coming fast and steady as does the humor, all perfectly hitting the mark. Raimi is an expert at adding camp to many of his films while making them feel natural. Going in knowing you are about to watch an over the top, campy horror film, you won't be disappointed.

  23. Octavia's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    The film Evil Dead II by Sam Raimi definitely felt more like a comedy than a horror film. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although the movie has a campy feel, I was entertained throughout. As a lover of horror I wasn’t scared, but I also blame the era in which the movie was made. Bruce Campbell’s performance was funny in all the right ways. Definitely would recommend to horror and non-horror fans alike.

  24. James Faketty's rating of the film Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II is one of the most acclaimed horror movies of all time. It hits the perfect blend of horror and comedy, which you may not think go together well until you see the film. Sam Raimi does a fantastic job of re-telling the story of his original Evil Dead film, while giving it a totally different overall feeling. The acting, directing, and special effects are all superb, and it is a must-see for any horror fan

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