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  1. Photo of Raymond Jafelice

    Raymond Jafelice Director

  2. Photo of Dale Schott

    Dale Schott Director

  3. Photo of Bob Carrau

    Bob Carrau Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Dini

    Paul Dini Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Lucas

    George Lucas Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jim Henshaw

    Jim Henshaw Voice

  7. Photo of Lesleh Donaldson

    Lesleh Donaldson Voice

  8. Photo of Cree Summer

    Cree Summer Voice

  9. Photo of Alyson Court

    Alyson Court Voice

  10. Photo of Dan Hennessey

    Dan Hennessey Voice

  11. Photo of Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson Voice

  12. Photo of Jackie Burroughs

    Jackie Burroughs Voice

  13. Photo of George Buza

    George Buza Voice

  14. Photo of Taborah Johnson

    Taborah Johnson Voice