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  1. Photo of Astra Taylor

    Astra Taylor Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Silva Basmajian

    Silva Basmajian Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ron Mann

    Ron Mann Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Bill Imperial

    Bill Imperial Producer

  5. Photo of Lea Marin

    Lea Marin Producer

  6. Photo of John M. Tran

    John M. Tran Cinematography

  7. Photo of K. Anthony Appiah

    K. Anthony Appiah Cast

  8. Photo of Judith Butler

    Judith Butler Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Hardt

    Michael Hardt Cast

  10. Photo of Martha Nussbaum

    Martha Nussbaum Cast

  11. Photo of Avital Ronell

    Avital Ronell Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Singer

    Peter Singer Cast

  13. Photo of Sunaura Taylor

    Sunaura Taylor Cast

  14. Photo of Cornel West

    Cornel West Cast

  15. Photo of Slavoj Žižek

    Slavoj Žižek Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Kennedy

    Robert Kennedy Editing