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  1. Photo of Catalin Cocris

    Catalin Cocris Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tudor Voican

    Tudor Voican Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicolae Margineanu

    Nicolae Margineanu Producer, Director

  4. Photo of Petru Margineanu

    Petru Margineanu Music

  5. Photo of Mihail Sarbusca

    Mihail Sarbusca Cinematography

  6. Photo of Nita Chivulescu

    Nita Chivulescu Editing

  7. Photo of Nicu Resteanu

    Nicu Resteanu Production Design

  8. Photo of Cosmin Seleşi

    Cosmin Seleşi Cast

  9. Photo of Aliona Munteanu

    Aliona Munteanu Cast

  10. Photo of Andi Vasluianu

    Andi Vasluianu Cast

  11. Photo of Doru Ana

    Doru Ana Cast

  12. Photo of Coca Bloos

    Coca Bloos Cast

  13. Photo of Valentin Uritescu

    Valentin Uritescu Cast

  14. Photo of Rodica Ionescu

    Rodica Ionescu Cast

  15. Photo of Patrik Petre

    Patrik Petre Cast

  16. Photo of Theodor Danetti

    Theodor Danetti Cast

  17. Photo of Tatiana Ekel

    Tatiana Ekel Cast