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  1. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Exhibit A

    Considering this was released the same year as Paranormal Activity -some 7 years after Blair Witch, it's a good variation on the film style; and does give the handicam itself that "extra character" that many others in the style have failed to provide.

  2. yasdnil's rating of the film Exhibit A

    Just from reading the plot outline, you know what's going to happen. The execution of it was very basic, although the cast was fairly good. The cliffhanger at the end was something I did not expect, however. I hope she lived.

  3. Richard's rating of the film Exhibit A

    First film I've watched via Mubi. Typically dark Warp Films production. 100% handycam. Fantastic depiction of a man going nuts, although I think he was pretty nuts to start with - or at least odd! Disappointing yet inevitable ending.

  4. thewhistler's rating of the film Exhibit A

  5. Aur Ora B's rating of the film Exhibit A

    I think she did survive, Karma Police, yeah. I think this film is too much: while the actors are great - really great - it's an ordeal to watch, it's completely over the top. Of course we watched, but we watched because we're perverted, not because it's "gripping". You know from the start what's going to happen, from the moment he 'gets his promotion' - British gritty realism yes, but a little - unsubtle, let's say.

  6. karmapolice101's rating of the film Exhibit A

    real life is scary enough...... One question I am left with. did the daughter survive at the end? She appeared to be breathing...

  7. freyr rabbit's rating of the film Exhibit A

    I thought there were a lot of really smart, original ideas in this film. The climax didn't quite hold together as entirely believable for me, though maybe I just don't have enough experience with people like the characters in the film to understand them fully. Worth watching, would probably mention to British friends.

  8. Richard Wood's rating of the film Exhibit A

    If you've seen this film please let us know what you thought - good or bad. Always useful to hear how a film's being received by its audience. Post here or email us direct via facebook or the official website Looking forward to seeing your comments.