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  1. Photo of David Cronenberg

    David Cronenberg Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Andras Hamori

    Andras Hamori Producer

  3. Photo of Peter Suschitzky

    Peter Suschitzky Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jennifer Jason Leigh

    Jennifer Jason Leigh Cast

  5. Photo of Jude Law

    Jude Law Cast

  6. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  7. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  8. Photo of Don McKellar

    Don McKellar Cast

  9. Photo of Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie Cast

  10. Photo of Christopher Eccleston

    Christopher Eccleston Cast

  11. Photo of Sarah Polley

    Sarah Polley Cast

  12. Photo of Ronald Sanders

    Ronald Sanders Editing

  13. Photo of Carol Spier

    Carol Spier Production Design

  14. Photo of Robert Lantos

    Robert Lantos Music and Producer

  15. Photo of Denise Cronenberg

    Denise Cronenberg Costume Design