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  1. Photo of Mariano Barroso

    Mariano Barroso Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Joaquín Oristrell

    Joaquín Oristrell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gerardo Herrero

    Gerardo Herrero Producer

  4. Photo of Bingen Mendizábal

    Bingen Mendizábal Music

  5. Photo of Kike Suárez Alba

    Kike Suárez Alba Music

  6. Photo of Flavio Martínez Labiano

    Flavio Martínez Labiano Cinematography

  7. Photo of Fernando Pardo

    Fernando Pardo Editing

  8. Photo of Ion Arretxe

    Ion Arretxe Production Design

  9. Photo of Gilles Ortion

    Gilles Ortion Sound

  10. Photo of Javier Bardem

    Javier Bardem Cast

  11. Photo of Federico Luppi

    Federico Luppi Cast

  12. Photo of Silvia Munt

    Silvia Munt Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Guzmán

    Daniel Guzmán Cast

  14. Photo of Leire Berrocal

    Leire Berrocal Cast

  15. Photo of Alfonso Lussón

    Alfonso Lussón Cast

  16. Photo of Guillermo Rodríguez

    Guillermo Rodríguez Cast

  17. Photo of Carlos Lucas

    Carlos Lucas Cast

  18. Photo of Juan Díaz

    Juan Díaz Cast

  19. Photo of Elia Muñoz

    Elia Muñoz Cast

  20. Photo of Macarena Pombo

    Macarena Pombo Cast

  21. Photo of Pep Cortés

    Pep Cortés Cast

  22. Photo of Paco Catalá

    Paco Catalá Cast

  23. Photo of Fanny Condado

    Fanny Condado Cast

  24. Photo of David Pinilla

    David Pinilla Cast

  25. Photo of Mercedes Castro

    Mercedes Castro Cast

  26. Photo of Pep Guinyol

    Pep Guinyol Cast

  27. Photo of Juan Diego Botto

    Juan Diego Botto Cast

  28. Photo of Juan Prado

    Juan Prado Cast