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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Eyes Behind the Wall

    Uno sguardo sul mondo dei reality show oltre vent'anni prima dell'era dei reality show. Un film ambizioso e a suo modo interessante, snaturato purtroppo da una produzione non del tutto in sintonia con le intenzioni di Petrelli. Rimane una gran carica erotica mista ad un morboso voyeurismo, per un cinema in deciso anticipo sui tempi, nonostante tutte le sue ingenuità. Ingiustamente dimenticato.

  2. Joshua's rating of the film Eyes Behind the Wall

    This isn't really a giallo. But it IS magnificent. A couple twists and some philosophical musings of life, voyeurism and what is natural to some versus repulsive to others. We see how people behave strangely behind closed doors, nearly everyone. Learning of the details may not be wise in all cases. With such a short run time, how can you pass this up?

  3. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Eyes Behind the Wall

    After 65 coolly filmed and wonderfully perverse minutes ... did they run out of money or just ideas? Petrelli's only film as director.