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  1. Photo of Fred Zinnemann

    Fred Zinnemann Director

  2. Photo of Jack Chertok

    Jack Chertok Producer

  3. Photo of Guy Trosper

    Guy Trosper Screenplay

  4. Photo of Howard Emmett Rogers

    Howard Emmett Rogers Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles Lawton Jr.

    Charles Lawton Jr. Cinematography

  6. Photo of Robert H. Planck

    Robert H. Planck Cinematography

  7. Photo of Edward Arnold

    Edward Arnold Cast

  8. Photo of Ann Harding

    Ann Harding Cast

  9. Photo of Donna Reed

    Donna Reed Cast

  10. Photo of Stephen McNally

    Stephen McNally Cast

  11. Photo of Katherine Emery

    Katherine Emery Cast

  12. Photo of Allen Jenkins

    Allen Jenkins Cast

  13. Photo of Stanley Ridges

    Stanley Ridges Cast

  14. Photo of Reginald Denny

    Reginald Denny Cast

  15. Photo of John Emery

    John Emery Cast

  16. Photo of Rosemary DeCamp

    Rosemary DeCamp Cast

  17. Photo of Erik Rolf

    Erik Rolf Cast

  18. Photo of Barry Nelson

    Barry Nelson Cast

  19. Photo of Reginald Sheffield

    Reginald Sheffield Cast

  20. Photo of Steven Geray

    Steven Geray Cast

  21. Photo of Mantan Moreland

    Mantan Moreland Cast

  22. Photo of Friday the dog

    Friday the dog Cast

  23. Photo of Ralph E. Winters

    Ralph E. Winters Editing

  24. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  25. Photo of Lennie Hayton

    Lennie Hayton Music

  26. Photo of Daniele Amfitheatrof

    Daniele Amfitheatrof Music

  27. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound