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  1. Photo of James A. DeVinney

    James A. DeVinney Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Judith Vecchione

    Judith Vecchione Director

  3. Photo of Sheila Curran Bernard

    Sheila Curran Bernard Director, Producer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Louis J. Massiah

    Louis J. Massiah Director, Screenplay Producer

  5. Photo of Steve Fayer

    Steve Fayer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Samuel D. Pollard

    Samuel D. Pollard Screenplay, Producer Director

  7. Photo of Paul Stekler

    Paul Stekler Screenplay, Producer Director

  8. Photo of Julian Bond

    Julian Bond Self

  9. Photo of Myrlie Evers

    Myrlie Evers Self

  10. Photo of James Farmer

    James Farmer Self

  11. Photo of James Forman

    James Forman Self

  12. Photo of Ernest Green

    Ernest Green Self

  13. Photo of Frederick Leonard

    Frederick Leonard Self

  14. Photo of John Lewis

    John Lewis Self

  15. Photo of Thurgood Marshall

    Thurgood Marshall Self

  16. Photo of Diane Nash

    Diane Nash Self

  17. Photo of Bernice Johnson Reagon

    Bernice Johnson Reagon Self

  18. Photo of Bayard Rustin

    Bayard Rustin Self

  19. Photo of C.T. Vivian

    C.T. Vivian Self

  20. Photo of James H. Karales

    James H. Karales Cinematography

  21. Photo of Michael Chin

    Michael Chin Cinematography

  22. Photo of Robert Shepard

    Robert Shepard Cinematography

  23. Photo of Robert Achs

    Robert Achs Cinematography

  24. Photo of Boyd Estus

    Boyd Estus Cinematography

  25. Photo of Thomas Kaufmann

    Thomas Kaufmann Cinematography

  26. Photo of Jon Else

    Jon Else Cinematography

  27. Photo of Wendy Blackstone

    Wendy Blackstone Music

  28. Photo of Henry Hampton

    Henry Hampton Producer and Director

  29. Photo of Jacqueline Shearer

    Jacqueline Shearer Producer, Screenplay Director

  30. Photo of Orlando Bagwell

    Orlando Bagwell Producer and Director

  31. Photo of Callie Crossley

    Callie Crossley Producer, Director Screenplay

  32. Photo of Madison D. Lacy

    Madison D. Lacy Producer, Screenplay Director

  33. Photo of Thomas Ott

    Thomas Ott Producer and Editing

  34. Photo of Terry Kay Rockefeller

    Terry Kay Rockefeller Producer, Director Screenplay

  35. Photo of Mark Samels

    Mark Samels Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Charles Scott

    Charles Scott Editing

  37. Photo of Betty Ciccarelli

    Betty Ciccarelli Editing

  38. Photo of Jeanne Jordan

    Jeanne Jordan Editing

  39. Photo of Lillian Benson

    Lillian Benson Editing

  40. Photo of Ann Bartholomew

    Ann Bartholomew Editing

  41. Photo of Dan Eisenberg

    Dan Eisenberg Editing

  42. Photo of Richard Bock

    Richard Bock Sound

  43. Photo of Sekou Shepard

    Sekou Shepard Sound

  44. Photo of Felipe Borrero

    Felipe Borrero Sound

  45. Photo of John Waite

    John Waite Sound

  46. Photo of Jed Schwartz

    Jed Schwartz Animation

  47. Photo of John Hays

    John Hays Animation