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  1. Photo of John Hough

    John Hough Director

  2. Photo of Irving Allen

    Irving Allen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Maslansky

    Paul Maslansky Producer

  4. Photo of Ronald Harwood

    Ronald Harwood Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Harris

    John Harris Screenplay

  6. Photo of David Holmes

    David Holmes Cinematography

  7. Photo of Geoffrey Foot

    Geoffrey Foot Editing

  8. Photo of Herbert Westbrook

    Herbert Westbrook Production Design

  9. Photo of Mark Lester

    Mark Lester Cast

  10. Photo of Lionel Jeffries

    Lionel Jeffries Cast

  11. Photo of Susan George

    Susan George Cast

  12. Photo of Jeremy Kemp

    Jeremy Kemp Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Vaughan

    Peter Vaughan Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Bonner

    Tony Bonner Cast

  15. Photo of Betty Marsden

    Betty Marsden Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Bowles

    Peter Bowles Cast

  17. Photo of Joseph Fürst

    Joseph Fürst Cast

  18. Photo of David Lodge

    David Lodge Cast

  19. Photo of Robert Russell

    Robert Russell Cast

  20. Photo of John Allison

    John Allison Cast

  21. Photo of Jonathan Burn

    Jonathan Burn Cast