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Ratings & Reviews

  1. EvelynNoche's rating of the film Facade

    High school right in the middle like Gus Van Sant's Elephant and Breakfast Club. Made by a real teenager for real emotions and process of nurture related nature.

  2. Douglas Reese's rating of the film Facade

    This is an example of what is so beautiful and intimate about no-budget filmmaking. No studio anywhere would have given the light of day for a 16-year-old to make this film - but that's what's capable of happening online. A high school movie as effective as this? Told by someone still there? The movie takes me back to that emotional worldview; the sincerity and nostalgia from Jamison is commendable.

  3. Alex Martin's rating of the film Facade

    I think, without a doubt, this is Jamison's best work to date. The direction is so sensitive and intimate (at times recalling Gus Van Sant's Elephant), the lead characters are so well-written and feel completely realistic, and the ensemble is fantastic.