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  1. Photo of Júlio Bressane

    Júlio Bressane Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Helena Ignez

    Helena Ignez Cast

  3. Photo of Antero de Oliveira

    Antero de Oliveira Cast

  4. Photo of Paulo Gracindo

    Paulo Gracindo Cast

  5. Photo of Paulo Padilha

    Paulo Padilha Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Lúcia Dahl

    Maria Lúcia Dahl Cast

  7. Photo of Vanda Lacerda

    Vanda Lacerda Cast

  8. Photo of Rosita Thomaz Lopes

    Rosita Thomaz Lopes Cast

  9. Photo of Ítalo Rossi

    Ítalo Rossi Cast

  10. Photo of Napoleão Muniz Freire

    Napoleão Muniz Freire Cast

  11. Photo of Benedito Corsi

    Benedito Corsi Cast

  12. Photo of Ênio Gonçalves

    Ênio Gonçalves Cast

  13. Photo of João Paulo Adour

    João Paulo Adour Cast

  14. Photo of Cláudio Petráglia

    Cláudio Petráglia Cast

  15. Photo of Hélio Ary

    Hélio Ary Cast

  16. Photo of Affonso Beato

    Affonso Beato Cinematography

  17. Photo of Sidney Waismann

    Sidney Waismann Music

  18. Photo of Luiz Carlos Ripper

    Luiz Carlos Ripper Production Design

  19. Photo of Eduardo Escorel

    Eduardo Escorel Editing

  20. Photo of Antonio Mateus

    Antonio Mateus Sound