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  1. João CC.'s rating of the film Face

  2. Cartaphilus's rating of the film Face

    Images alone make this film a masterpiece - the composition of some frames is exquisite.

  3. J0NS's rating of the film Face

  4. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Face

  5. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Face

    For my money, this is Tsai's greatest movie.

  6. Ostermyers's rating of the film Face

    More ghosts in this one than in "Goodbye.."

  7. Isma Edli's rating of the film Face

    Anyone know who sang this version of Historia De Un Amour?

  8. themotherandthewhore's rating of the film Face

  9. AlexanderKR's rating of the film Face

    Tsai is always hit or miss with me. This time it was a miss. But regardless of whether he hits or misses, I always respect his work as an artist - and as an auteur for that matter.

  10. Diderot's rating of the film Face

    It's remarkable mostly that this film exists; that enough people with money wanted it to happen. I love the cruising scene with Mathieu Amalric and the scene in the mirror between Ardant and Leaud. And then there's that ridiculous and lovely Salome slaughterhouse scene.

  11. Martin Sichetti's rating of the film Face

    French stars in a Tsai Ming-liang's film. Simply awesome!

  12. Alan Ongaro's rating of the film Face

  13. Kelvane's rating of the film Face

    I can't decide about this piece. In some ways, I feel like Tsai has flourished and manifested himself onto celluloid in a most cumulative way. His ideas are stretched and his vision is pushed. There are times it doesn't add up. A great portion of the film struck me a choppy, but I still cannot resist Tsai's lilt, humor, and charm.

  14. Fainéant's rating of the film Face

    I could use a hand finding this film

  15. Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa's rating of the film Face

    What a fucking masterpiece. I'm so gay for Tsai.

  16. Eduardo A.'s rating of the film Face

    @Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa, aren't we all?

  17. Chasing Butterflies's rating of the film Face

    The most extraordinary elegy for a whole generation of French cinema comes from an Asian master! Tsai, like Cocteau's Orpheus enters through the mirror into another world of life and death, dream and cinema.

  18. Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema's rating of the film Face

    One of the most visually pleasing films I've seen from the last few years. The closeups of the faces of Lee kang-sheng and Laetita Casta provide an interesting point-counterpoint of Eastern male and Western female beauty.

  19. Sammy Chien's rating of the film Face

    Master Tsai's films just kept growing growing like huge tree branches... constantly diverging, expanding and always inspiring and touching somewhere deeply. I met him last year when FACE was screening in Taiwan. He has so much heart into his own films even still today. One of the sweetest man and the deepest film artist.

  20. occam's rating of the film Face

    Just saw Visage at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Tsai introduced the movie as his "Self-Portrait but not really a autobiography". Overall it is less accessible then his earlier work and the 3 "story lines" never really interact. However, Tsai is massively playing around with the possibilities of cinema, without any pressure for success or fear of failure. It's just pure love for the movies. Watch it with a open heart.

  21. Kurt Walker's rating of the film Face