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  1. Photo of Morgan Paull

    Morgan Paull Cast

  2. Photo of Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke Cast

  3. Photo of Sylvio Tabet

    Sylvio Tabet Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Irwin Yablans

    Irwin Yablans Executive Producer

  5. Photo of George G. Braunstein

    George G. Braunstein Producer

  6. Photo of Ron Hamady

    Ron Hamady Producer

  7. Photo of Vernon Zimmerman

    Vernon Zimmerman Screenplay and Director

  8. Photo of Álex Phillips Jr.

    Álex Phillips Jr. Cinematography

  9. Photo of Dennis Christopher

    Dennis Christopher Cast

  10. Photo of Tim Thomerson

    Tim Thomerson Cast

  11. Photo of Gwynne Gilford

    Gwynne Gilford Cast

  12. Photo of Norman Burton

    Norman Burton Cast

  13. Photo of Linda Kerridge

    Linda Kerridge Cast

  14. Photo of James Mitchell

    James Mitchell Editing

  15. Photo of Barbara Pokras

    Barbara Pokras Editing

  16. Photo of Tikki Goldberg

    Tikki Goldberg Production Design

  17. Photo of Bob Badami

    Bob Badami Music

  18. Photo of Trevor Veitch

    Trevor Veitch Music

  19. Photo of Gary Alexander

    Gary Alexander Sound

  20. Photo of Douglas B. Arnold

    Douglas B. Arnold Sound

  21. Photo of Michael Minkler

    Michael Minkler Sound

  22. Photo of Michael P. Redbourn

    Michael P. Redbourn Sound

  23. Photo of Doris Bettencourt

    Doris Bettencourt Costume Design