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  1. Photo of Abi Feijó

    Abi Feijó Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Production Design, Animation

  2. Photo of Jorge Neves

    Jorge Neves Producer

  3. Photo of Mário Viegas

    Mário Viegas Cast

  4. Photo of Regina Pessoa

    Regina Pessoa Production Design, Animation

  5. Photo of Graça Gomes

    Graça Gomes Production Design, Animation

  6. Photo of Manuel Tentúgal

    Manuel Tentúgal Music, Sound

  7. Photo of Filipe Moreira da Silva

    Filipe Moreira da Silva Animation

  8. Photo of Carlos Freitas

    Carlos Freitas Animation

  9. Photo of José Carlos Pinto

    José Carlos Pinto Animation

  10. Photo of Fernando Rangel

    Fernando Rangel Sound