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  1. Photo of Harry Hurwitz

    Harry Hurwitz Director

  2. Photo of Frank Ray Perilli

    Frank Ray Perilli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Franne Schacht

    Franne Schacht Screenplay

  4. Photo of Don Sparks

    Don Sparks Cast

  5. Photo of Linnea Quigley

    Linnea Quigley Cast

  6. Photo of Sy Richardson

    Sy Richardson Cast

  7. Photo of Irwin Corey

    Irwin Corey Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Cast

  9. Photo of Jeff Doucette

    Jeff Doucette Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Pearl

    Daniel Pearl Cinematography

  11. Photo of Andrew Belling

    Andrew Belling Music

  12. Photo of George Gizienski

    George Gizienski Production Design

  13. Photo of Jeremy Mitford

    Jeremy Mitford Production Design

  14. Photo of Charles Band

    Charles Band Producer and Screenplay

  15. Photo of Laurence Jacobs

    Laurence Jacobs Editing

  16. Photo of Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith Sound