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  1. Photo of Thomas Roth

    Thomas Roth Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manuel Rubey

    Manuel Rubey Cast

  3. Photo of Patricia Aulitzky

    Patricia Aulitzky Cast

  4. Photo of Christian Tramitz

    Christian Tramitz Cast

  5. Photo of Martin Loos

    Martin Loos Cast

  6. Photo of Nicholas Ofczarek

    Nicholas Ofczarek Cast

  7. Photo of Susi Stach

    Susi Stach Cast

  8. Photo of Markus Mössmer

    Markus Mössmer Cast

  9. Photo of Doris Golpashin

    Doris Golpashin Cast

  10. Photo of David Haderer

    David Haderer Cast

  11. Photo of Sebastian Gerlich

    Sebastian Gerlich Cast

  12. Photo of Grace Jones

    Grace Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Jo Molitoris

    Jo Molitoris Cinematography

  14. Photo of Lothar Scherpe

    Lothar Scherpe Music

  15. Photo of Georg Resetschnig

    Georg Resetschnig Production Design

  16. Photo of Ferdinand Dohna

    Ferdinand Dohna Producer

  17. Photo of Andreas Kamm

    Andreas Kamm Producer

  18. Photo of Jan Mojto

    Jan Mojto Producer

  19. Photo of Kurt J. Mrkwicka

    Kurt J. Mrkwicka Producer

  20. Photo of Bernhard Schmid

    Bernhard Schmid Editing

  21. Photo of Dietmar Zuson

    Dietmar Zuson Sound